InDesign CS2 and InDesign CS3, Together

12 Feb 2008

So the office I work in switched over to CS3, kind of. I think I’m pretty much the only hold out, still working in OSX 10.4 with Adobe CS2. I’m not anti-Adobe, anti-Apple or anything like that, quite the opposite. I’m just really stinkin busy, leaving me little time to upgrade my OS and the majority of the applications I use daily (and install that copy of Parallels that’s been sitting on my desk). Additionally I’m not interested in being another person in the office constantly yelling “Crap, Adobe [Insert application here]  CS3 just crashed again!” This stance has posed a dilemma which we’d successfully avoided until now. That problem being, “How can we get InDesign CS2 and InDesign CS3 to work together?”  I finally found the answer today. It’s as simple as this.

  1.  Open up your InDesign CS3 document in InDesign CS3.
  2. Go to  File > Export and select the InDesign Interchange Option to save a new version of the file.
  3. Finally, open the newly created document in InDesign CS2 and voilà, crisis averted.

So I’ll be using this technique to avoid catastrophe until I find time to make the switch.

Update: In July I finally upgraded to OSX 10.5 and it was definitely worth it. The upgrading process was quicker than I expected, and it didn’t mess up too many of my preferences. I’m still working in CS2 and probably will be until we upgrade to CS4.