Adobe vs. Apple

15 Apr 2010

I have only two things to say about the Adobe vs. Apple platform “war“, because everything else has either already been said [over and over and over again] or wasn’t worth being said and isn’t worth repeating.

  1. Isn’t it interesting that the web standards crowd (including myself) has thrown their support behind Apple, but moreso just against Adobe and Flash, when the one great thing that Flash offers is what so many in the web standards community strive for… a uniform experience across multiple browser platforms. Not a knock against web standards at all, just an observation.
  2. If there is still any confusion about where this goes from here, who wins and who loses, just take one look at Facebook and MySpace. Flash is obviously the MySpace of this showdown, allowing users to take their platform and customize it, make it their own, and create whatever self-destructive, franken-app they’d like. On the other hand there’s Apple, who like Facebook has retained a measure of control over the landscape, forcing participants to adhere to their design sensibilities and effectively saving individuals from themselves. This isn’t the first [or second] time two companies have faced off like this, and it won’t be the last. This won’t make or break either company. But we’d all be better off if it came to a swift conclusion.

In closing I’ll end with a line from John Gruber.

Unfortunately, for Adobe, I mean, they’ve pretty much just gotta suck it.

Sad but true.