An amazing interview with an absolutely amazing person, in the least likely of places

5 Mar 2009

Last night Archbishop Desmond Tutu graced the U.S. with his presence on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Tutu shared his thoughts on a range of topics from race, to America and forgiveness to  Truth and Reconciliation Commission that he chaired in his native South Africa. This is one of my favorite excerpts from his appearance.

The thing is, that you and I, and all of us, even when we don’t accept it or understand it, is that God created us in such a way that, I can’t be human on my own. I wouldn’t know how to walk, as a human being. I wouldn’t know how to think. I wouldn’t know how to speak, I would not know how to be a human being, except from learning from other human beings. And so our humanity, is bound up with one anothers. And, and you see, we saw it as …. if you carry out a policy that de-humanizes others, in the process, you are dehumanized.

- Desmond Tutu on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

The video of the full show isn’t up yet, but they have posted a couple of clips from the interview. I think these should be required viewing in all of our schools.

Update: CBS now has the full interview on their site. Again, I cannot stress how amazing this interview is. This program and the work of Desmond Tutu really should become a mandatory part of our schools’ curriculum.