Didn’t we already know that

11 Jan 2010

Today must have been one of the slowest news days on record. I spent most of the morning unpacking boxes, hooking up computers and bagging trash as we settle into our new office. So as morning turned into afternoon and then into late afternoon, I figured I ought to finally hook up my computer and see what I’d missed in the world today. It turns out I don’t think I missed anything. In fact, all the news seems to be… well… old.

The biggest stories of the day are that Mark McGwire admitted using steroids (because we haven’t all known that since 1998), Sarah Palin is going to work for Fox News (because no one predicted that on the day she announced her resignation) and the bonus outrage continues, lead by Andrew Cuomo, (because that hasn’t been going on for a year now).

Sometimes I wonder if I’d miss anything if I just slept through the day.