Don’t Buy from

1 Feb 2007

I can’t put it more simply. Don’t ever buy anything from Yeah, they’ve got some great shirts, and a nifty website (reminds me of Urban Outfitters, but they’re an entirely different beast). But does all of that really matter if your order is never delivered. I have to admit that my order did eventually arrive. But it was four months after I placed the order. They claimed it was because they were “upgrading their order processing workflow”. How that prevented them from putting my shirt in a box and mailing it for three months after I was informed of this operational deficiency is beyond me. Additionally, my sister suffered the same fate and a three month delay of her own on an order that was placed five months after I received mine. To summarize, these people are unreliable and incapable of filling orders. If you do place an order with them, don’t say you weren’t warned.