How to make the best Super Bowl commercials

30 Jan 2009

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, only a few days away. So it’s far too late to be creating Super Bowl commercials, but I’ll still dispense some simple advice anyway.

Here’s the secret to making the best Super Bowl commercials: Monkeys. That’s it. Any time, any day, monkeys trump whatever you can put on screen. Period. Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys. The Super Bowl needs more commercials with monkeys.Now for some advertisers, the cost of securing the services of a marsupial trained in classic theatre as well as feeding them, paying for their trainers, and cleaning all the poop of the walls after the shoot (all good monkeys throw thier poop), there is a close second. The only acceptable alternative to monkeys are talking babies.

e-Trade had a big hit last year, and they’ve continued to build on it with their talking baby. Some outtakes have been unleashed and they’re fantastic.

Let’s hope they’ve got something special cooked up for the Super Bowl. It won’t be easy to top this. And let’s see more monkeys! You can never have too many monkey commercials.