The Next Bond

14 Nov 2014

While a couple of friends were visiting Los Angeles this week an intense discussion of who would/should be the next James Bond, following Daniel Craig’s last film, the as of yet unnamed Bond 25, scheduled to be released in 2017.

There are a few predefined criteria for what it takes to play James Bond.

Height: 6’1″-6’2″ (Daniel Craig is the exception – 5’10”)
Weight: ~165-175 lbs
Age: 30-49 (Sean Connery and Roger Moore are the exceptions – 53 and 57 respectively)
Hair Color:
Black/Brown (Daniel Craig is the exception – Blonde)
Birthplace: British Isles (George Lazenby is the exception – Australia)


  1. Michael Fassbender
  2. Liam Hemsworth
  3. Chris Hemsworth
  4. Eddie Redmayne
  5. James McAvoy


  1. Charlie Hunnam
  2. Jeffrey Donovan
  3. Tony Shalhoub
  4. Henry Cavill
  5. Barry Sloane


  1. Barry Sloane
  2. Oliver Jackson-Cohen
  3. Luke Evans
  4. Liam Hemsworth
  5. Matt Bomer


These are actors that came up in the discussion but didn’t warrant serious consideration for one reason or another (typically age or height).