Reuters doesn’t suck

7 Aug 2009

Well, at least they don’t suck as much as the Associated Press. There is no shortage of the coverage of the A.P.’s plan to follow the recording industry’s failed efforts to stave off irrelevance by pissing everyone off and leaving themselves on an island. But out of this mess of ignorance, idiocy and imminent failure comes one white knight, Thomson Reuters. In a blog post by Chris Ahearn, their President of Media, Reuters has proclaimed their love of links and excerpting and news aggregators.

Please feel free to link to our stories — it adds value to all producers of content… Appropriate excerpting and referencing are not only acceptable, but encouraged.

Thanks Chris, I think I just might. He also takes a well-deserved shot at the A.P.

Blaming the new leaders or aggregators for disrupting the business of the old leaders, or saber-rattling and threatening to sue are not business strategies – they are personal therapy sessions. Go ask a music executive how well it works.

Thomson Reuters – 1,  Associated Press – 0

[Via Daring Fireball]