Thank you Twitter

29 Jul 2009

New Twitter home page

The new Twitter home page

Twitter has a newly redesigned home page, it’s looking nice. The big change is that they finally made the search form the focus of the page. I’ve never understood why this wasn’t at least one of the main focal points earlier, but at least it is now.

It’s a good example of the evolution of a product. In past iterations the site was more focused on educating visitors on what exactly Twitter was. Now that they’re a piece of American culture they can focus on just signing up new users and making the site more usable for existing users.

The old Twitter home page

The old Twitter home page

The new look and some new features have been implemented throughout the site. The styling and perfect and subtle use of color screams of Douglas Bowman, who no doubt played a big part in this redesign after his recent move from Google to Twitter.