The defections continue

31 Jul 2009

I know tons of people that have iPhones. It’s no stretch to say that the vast majority of people I associate with, friends, family and co-workers, have iPhones. I’ve even bought a couple of them as gifts. Ironically, many people probably would’ve guessed that I would’ve been one of the first people to have an iPhone, but I’m still holding out.

Originally I had some issues with the feature set. There was no instant messaging, no GPS, and the battery life was crap. But once Apple fixed those issues, an entirely different problem arose, AT&T. My disdain for their service is no secret. And as time goes on I’m becoming less of a hold-out, and more likely an all out opponent of the iPhone+AT&T partnership.

As time goes on, there are more and more notable iPhone users that are coming back to my side of the fence. First there was Om Malik, and more recently there has been Steven Frank and now Michael Arrington. I don’t mean to gloat, because the failure of this unholy marriage is not what I’ve been rooting for. And I don’t want to imply that people banishing their iPhones means that I’m right. I just see it as greater evidence that the only logical move for Apple is to move away from AT&T, or at least away from the exclusive agreement.

Until then, I think I’m going to find out of the Blackberry Tour can hold me over. I’ve got big plans for Apple and Verizon in the summer 2011, I hope they do too.