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Strange Beauty

26 Sep

Everyone should experience strange beauty every day.
Barbara Bestor

Lego Hollywood Bowl

22 Jul

Lego Hollywood Bowl

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5 Apr

Footstep Bridge

Michael Jantzen has created a beautiful design for a pedestrian foot bridge that is inspired by Lego bricks.

The Footstep Bridge is a conceptual proposal for a new kind of public footbridge. Although the structures could vary in size, look this Footstep Bridge would be about twenty feet wide and it would have a span of about one hundred feet…

The bridge is made of three separate sections connected together side by side to form one structural unit. There are two paths across the span made in the form of undulating staircases and one path in the center made in the form of an undulating ramp.

[via The Fox Is Black]


Lego City

2 Apr

Lego MVRDV Porous City

Perhaps the most noble use of Lego blocks, shop designers in the South of France built futuristic skyscraper concepts to explore ideas for the future of urban design.

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Lego Palace Cinema

25 Jan

It’s kind of amazing to see how Lego has evolved. From the company that made multi-colored blocks when I was a kid to one that makes these complex, architectural marvels that seem more fit for adults than children.

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Lego Brooklyn

16 Aug


Using hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces, tadalafil a New York City man created a massive reproduction of several Brooklyn neighborhoods.

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Ice Cube celebrates Eames

9 Dec

This is going green 1949-style, sale bitch. Believe that.“


Frank Lloyd Wright + Legos = Pure Awesomeness

21 May

Visit this link:

I love Legos like I cannot describe. Not the ridiculous, commercialized pirate and Star Wars sets. I’m talking about the good ol’ police, fire station, gas station, boats and stuff. That’s the good stuff. But Lego has outdone themselves with the new Frank Lloyd Wright architecture sets.

[via Wired]


Earthquake-proofing San Francisco

25 Oct

The coolest thing to happen to JELL-O since “jigglers”.