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The Evolution of Lego

30 Apr

The Evolution of Lego

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Minimalism in packaging design

22 Dec

Absolutely loving these simplified versions of well-known packaging by Antrepo. These would stand out so much on the shelves at your local grocer.

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Brooklyn New Yorkers

22 Dec

It’s been widely reported that legal documents have been filed to trademark the name “Brooklyn New Yorkers.” Presumably this is a preliminary move in preparation for the New Jersey Nyets Nets’ eventual move to Brooklyn. Let’s just hope the identity and uniforms provided by Tauntr don’t turn this bad name into an even worse brand.

The Brooklyn New Yorkers will take the floor dressed in hipster chic. Mesh shorts will be replaced with cut off jean shorts and the uniform tops feature flannel side panels and a breast pocket with American Spirits tucked in. While current NBA regulations prohibit most types of head gear, the New Yorkers are petitioning for a rule change that would allow fedoras, which is a staple of any good hipsters’ wardrobe.

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Worst Identities of 2010

22 Dec

It’s that time of year again, when the Internet becomes cluttered with year-in-review round-ups. Brand New has put together the Worst Identities of 2010 as voted by their visitors. I bet we can all guess who took the top spot.


Helvetica logos

6 Oct

We can only type company names in Helvetica so many times before we really have to stop calling the results 'logos'.
Christopher Fahey

Horrible Logos

14 Sep

Need a logo? Don’t care of it’s horrible? Not willing to pay more than the cost of a beer? Horrible Logos can help.


The Y.M.C.A. downsizing to simply “the Y”

12 Jul

The Y’s new name coincides with its efforts to emphasize the impact its programs have on youth, cure healthy living and communities.

I hope this works out better than The Shack.


Worst rebranding, ever

4 May

We can only hope that this is just a temporary placeholder while they put something more permanent together. Because right now this just looks like a bad joke.

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Aol. brand videos

10 Dec

Shitty branding + shitty music + shitty graphics = Aol. brand videos

It just keeps getting worse. I will admit though, troche that the last one is kind of cool.

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Philly pain

8 Dec

As if having to support the Phillies, Sixers and Eagles wasn’t bad enough, now Philadelphia residents will have to suffer through seeing the city’s new brand plastered all over the place. John Gruber doesn’t hold back.

Sickly… Don’t get me started on the Trebuchet.

City of Philadelphia logo