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Oak business cards

3 Dec

No joke, they’re really made out of oak. This card is so good, I wouldn’t throw it out even if I didn’t like them. And that’s the true test.



Flames, yeah!

6 Aug

These  business cards rock. The simplicity, hospital the color and the die-cut flames all come together masterfully. For Print Only said it best:

If you ask me, there should be a law written somewhere that if you are going to die-cut flames your die-cutting is free, because if there is something this world could use more of it is die-cut flames… Flames, yeah!


Stamp of approval

22 Jul

Loving these business cards. Just another reminder that I need to get some of my own printed up.


Holy business cards Batman

1 Jun

Their prices are definitely right, pills so if the quality is up to snuff, no rx these guys could become my go-to print shop. Now I just need to get some business cards laid out.

[Via Mark Jardine]


Your business card sucks

13 Apr

The most hilarious business card critique in the history of business card critiques.

See that card? It’s the most impressive business card I’ve ever seen. It’s mine.

[via Subtraction]


Mooing isn’t just for cows

19 May

Moo is a great new site that allows you to print your artwork or photos on all kinds of items.