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Fast & Furious RC

28 Apr

Kind of amusing that the CG pyrotechnics are better in this video than they are in Fast 6.

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A Tribute to Paul Walker

5 Dec

RIP Paul Walker.


Lego VW Camper Van

18 Aug

Lego VW Camper

This Lego camper van is all kinds of awesome.

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Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

3 Feb

I have a hard time believing any Super Bowl commercial will top this.

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V8 Engine Made From Lego

23 Jan

The things people are able to create with mere Lego pieces never ceases to amaze me.

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Hybrid vs. Truck sales

30 Nov

Inspired by a story on Jalopnik, Mike Kruzensiski explored the trends in hybrid cars and truck sales in the U.S. The results aren’t pretty, but at least they’re trending in the right direction.

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How much Hipster can you pack in a Jazz?

11 Aug

Honda’s making a different kind of car commercial. It’s so ironic.

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Top Gear takes on the Ferrari 458 Italia

5 Aug

I get giddy whenever I hear them say “They call him the Stig!”

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Loving Google’s Nexus One

5 Jan

I don’t know what it is, but the Nexus One looks just plain sexy. And it sounds pretty sweet too. I’m pumped that when it’s time for me to get a new phone I’ll probably have the choice between an iPhone and the Nexus One, both on Verizon.

But will people stop referring to every major smartphone announcement as either an iPhone killer or not an iPhone killer? It’s a little played out. You never hear anyone talking about every new Mercedes or BMW coupe as the Bugatti Veyron killer.


VW dune buggy

20 Nov

Volkswagen’s Paris-Dakar Rally Touareg is the sweetest SUV on off the road.

VW Paris-Dakar Rally Touareg