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The death of Comic Sans, finally

23 Jun

My disdain for Comic Sans is no secret. And I’m certainly not alone. As I try to always do, I attempted to provide a solution by suggesting alternative hand-writing fonts. But now there’s a better option. I present to you, HVD Comic Serif.

It’s an OpenType font so it can be used on both Mac and Windows machines. It also has eastern, central and Western European language support. Best of all the type designer responsible for this sanity-saving masterpiece, Hannes von Döhren, is offering it up for free. You can download it at MyFonts or scoop it up with some more of Döhren’s cost-less offerings on his site.

So go forth, use HVD Comic Serif with reckless abandon, and systematically eliminate Comic Sans once and for all.

[Via idsgn]