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Sign of the apocalypse

4 Jan

You’ve got to be shitting me. How is this new BK® Quad Stacker not a joke? In what world is a 920 calorie “sandwich” a good idea?

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Everything you need to know about fast food

23 Aug

These are just a couple of the nuggets that can be found in the full image. There you can find plenty of reasons to skip over all of the fast food restaurants the next time you’re looking for a quick bite.


Five Guys named best burger in America

16 Aug

Suck it In-N-Out!

According to the latest Fast Food Survey by Zagat, sales the best burger in America comes from Virginia-based chain Five Guys. But while the regional chain edged out national players in the hamburger category, Dairy Queen rules the Best Milkshakes category, while the best fries still come from McDonald’s.

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100 years of food

20 Mar

The things we eat have changed drastically over the last century.

In the second half of the century, pill Americans enjoyed ever-more varied, year-round, fresh produce options, thanks to a growing global food market. Kiwi fruit from New Zealand, grapes from Chile, brie cheese from France, and shrimp from Thailand are now grocery store staples.

Flour and cereal product availability grew as well. Between 1972 and 2008, per capita availability of flour and cereal products increased from a record low 133 pounds per person to 196.5 pounds.

I have a hard time believing all that additional cheese was a healthy thing.

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The taste of fat

9 Mar

While I admit the consequences may be extremely beneficial, buy the idea of being able to taste fat is absolutely repulsive. And what happens if we start to like the taste of fat, or if food manufacturers can alter the taste of fat? Ew.

We know that the human tongue can detect five tastes — sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami (a savoury, protein-rich taste contained in foods such as soy sauce and chicken stock),” Russell Keast, from Deakin University, said Monday.

Through our study we can conclude that humans have a sixth taste — fat.

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Your own personal banana

3 Mar

The funest thing in personalized edible items since the Taco Bell sauce packets.

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Five second rule?

21 Jan

Flow charts are all the rage these days. And when they’re good, they’re real good. This one about food that has fallen on the floor fits into that category. Just remember, if it’s bacon… eat it.

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Sushi etiquette

11 Jan

Being a non-sushi eater, tadalafil all of these protocols were new and intriguing to me.

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Where to eat (fast food)

8 Dec

Flow chart for how to decide where to eat if you’re short on time. The first question says it all.

Where should I eat - Fast food edition

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Client of the year

2 Dec

This is an award that doesn’t get nearly enough press and I’d actually never heard of before today. What a great idea though, to encourage and reward clients for contracting excellent designers, empowering and enabling them to do great work, and staying far enough away from the project as to not completely muck it up. This year’s award went to UK culinary sensation, Jamie Oliver.

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