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LEGO storage box

6 Dec

Lego storage box

I struggle to find socially acceptable ways to incorporate Lego in to my life as an adult. This storage box definitely fits the bill though.

[via swissmiss]


Brain Wave Sofa

29 Oct

A pretty sweet sofa, pill made from real brain waves. It looks comfy at first glance, but I have a feeling that prolonged usage can lead to some serious ergonomic issues.

[Via IA]


Where was this lamp when I needed it

23 Jul

I’m already regretting the purchase of my Ikea desk lamp. Not because it came with an empty lightbulb box, instead of a lightbulb in the lightbulb box. And not because the light that I got when I went back to Ikea burnt out in 2 days. But because these lamps rock.

[Via Mike Davidson]