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11 Sep

Only he who never plays never loses.
Anatoly Karpov

Super Mario Kart bike lane

24 Aug

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A bike lane in Portland, Oregon suddenly has symbols from Super Mario Kart painted on it. Notice how every biker in the video rides around the banana peel.

[via @wired]


Super Mario Brothers on violin

12 Jul

This needs no introduction.

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Super Mario Crossover

29 Apr

Navigate your way through the first level of Super Mario Brothers with Zelda, sale Mega Man, mind Samus or others right in your browser. This could be dangerous way to waste time.


Endless migration

15 Jan

I think enough time has passed since the Miracle on the Hudson (exactly one year in fact) that we can have a good chuckle about planes hitting geese, as long as you’re not a hippie. And with that comes this game where you’re the geese, trying to meet up with your fellow geese, all while avoiding various types of aircraft.

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Browser pong

22 Dec

Amazingly simple, pills addictively fun. And seemingly impossible to beat.

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Jeu de main

23 Nov

Pretend to be France’s soccer star Thierry Henry while you swat the ball into your opponents goal with your hand. The game won’t win any VGA’s, but it’s still hilarious.

Thierry Henry handball game

My first try was 47-1, beat that.

[via Antill]


How video games are made

21 Aug

This photo series shows how some of the most iconic video games, try like Super Mario Brothers and Tetris,  were created.


Practice your racial profiling skills

30 Apr

Visit this link:

This addictive game forces you to pick the photograph of the individual that you believe was most likely to have committed the crime in question. It’s not as easy as it looks. Hint: Racial profiling actually leads to success in this instance.