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WestJet Christmas Miracle

16 Dec

Canadian airline, WestJet, set up a live, interactive video kiosk in two airports and casually asked passengers what they wanted for Christmas. Much to their surprise, when the passengers arrived there were presents waiting for them. An example of creativity and a gesture of caring you’d likely never see from a US carrier.


Merry Newsinator

21 Dec

If you dread having to summarize your year in newsletter format then Plaid‘s Merry Newsinator is just for you. Enter a couple of details from the past year in their mad lib-style form and away you go.

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Crazy Old Christmas Ads

21 Dec

Nothing gets me into the Christmas spirit like guns and perverted Santas.

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Let It Dough

20 Dec

From the man that showed us New York City in LEGO form, treatment Christoph Niemann has created a holiday extravaganza told through dough and sprinkles.

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Adidas Originals Holiday Ornament

12 Dec

Adidas is looking to spread the holiday cheer (and marketing) to your home with their DIY Holiday Superstar Ornament.

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Christmas cheat sheet

3 Dec

This will save you from sneaking around every holiday season looking sizes and measurements.

Christmas cheat sheet

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