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World Cup schedule

13 Jun

Most of the World Cup schedules out there are set to GMT to be as useful as possible. But I’m too lazy to do math every time I’m trying to figure out when the next game is. So for the next month this World Cup schedule with EST times will be the desktop background on all of my computers.


Five second rule?

21 Jan

Flow charts are all the rage these days. And when they’re good, they’re real good. This one about food that has fallen on the floor fits into that category. Just remember, if it’s bacon… eat it.

[via Swismiss]


How long will it last?

15 Jan

With data from Armin Reller and Tom Graedel, site the graphics department at NewScientist put together an environmental info graphic that illustrates how much longer we have at our existing consumption rates before some natural resources are no longer available. Of special interest to me, cialis Antimony could be gone in as little as 15 years. If there is just a slight increase in demand.


CNN website traffic, visualized

13 Nov

From Nicholas Felton’s blog:

In conjunction with the relaunch of their website, CNN asked me to examine their web statistics and create a visual record of the site’s last 13 years.

[via Daring Fireball]