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A SuperDuper update!

14 Oct

What could be better than backing up with SuperDuper? Well backing up with a newer, mind faster version of SuperDuper of course! Get some!

[Via Daring Fireball]


The freelancer’s toolbox

10 Sep

Designer Daily as compiled a great list of 33 useful apps and website for freelance designers. Ironically I can count the items on this list that I use on one hand (Things, Quicksilver, LinkedIn, Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics). There are a few others that I’ve tested and/or use something similar (Freshbooks, Highrise, Basecamp).

But the others are a great list of tools I’ll be trying out soon.

[Via Swissmiss]


Social Media Consultants

2 Feb

Andy Budd on Social Media Consultants and their effect [read: harm] on the realm of social media.

It reminds me of a guy I met while traveling many years ago. He was an ethnographic researcher employed by a big oil company to asses the impact oil pipelines would have on the indigenous population. He loved tribal culture so much he desperately wanted to work in the field, cure even if that meant being partly responsible for the destruction of the very thing he loved.

That may be the true measure of a professions success. Doing more good than harm.


Apple OS X 10.5.6 update is littered with problems and issues of all types

18 Dec

The much anticipated, much hyped Apple OS X 10.5.6 system software update finally arrived on Monday and has been causing problems ever since. I personally never install updates immediately after they’re available, especially when it comes to iTunes, and I do it for exactly this reason. But not everyone observes that philosophy, and it’s easy to quickly accept the automatic software updates without really thinking about what you’re updating. (more…)


Enkoder is back

10 Jun

With gas and oil at all-time highs and food prices going through the roof, at least we can rejoice the return of the Dan Benjamin’s Enkoder. He’s also gifted us with an Enkoder app for OSX 10.5 for more email encryption goodness.


InDesign CS2 and InDesign CS3, Together

12 Feb

So the office I work in switched over to CS3, kind of. I think I’m pretty much the only hold out, still working in OSX 10.4 with Adobe CS2. I’m not anti-Adobe, anti-Apple or anything like that, quite the opposite. I’m just really stinkin busy, leaving me little time to upgrade my OS and the majority of the applications I use daily (and install that copy of Parallels that’s been sitting on my desk). (more…)