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Cat Call Portraits

30 Oct

Cat Call Portraits

Photographer Hannah Price has undertaken a project to reclaim some of the power structure by approaching and photographing men that shout at her in Philadelphia. As she describes it,

This project is a work in progress documenting a part of my life as an African-Mexican-American, transitioning from suburban Colorado to consistently being harassed on the streets of Philadelphia. These images are a response to my subjects looking at me, and myself as an artist looking back.

It’s a proactive approach to ridiculous conditions that women around the world have to deal with daily. And “cat calls” are often the best case scenario.


In Pieces

23 Jan


Photographer Dean West and Lego sculptor Nathan Sawaya collaborated to create an amazing series of photos that combine innocuous, physician serene settings with Lego creations that blend perfectly into the scene.

[via The Fox Is Black]


Hurricane Irene

30 Aug


Lego Star Wars

10 Apr

Lego Star Wars

The fantasy LEGO sets (ie. Star Wars, Pirates, Medieval, etc.) never really struck my fancy as a kid. But
Vesa Lehtimäki’s LEGO Star Wars photograph series is unlike any I’ve ever seen.


Devastation in Japan

11 Mar

News of the massive earthquake in Japan spread quickly last night and this morning. But unless you’re on the ground it’s difficult to truly comprehend the immense destruction that’s taken place.


Discovery’s Final Launch

27 Feb

On February 25th, 2011 the Space Shuttle Discovery made it’s final launch. It was a spectacle to watch live, as it headed into orbit on the way to the International Space Station.

Note: The new In Focus gallery on The Atlantic looks a lot like The Big Picture from Boston.com, and for good reason. In January the creator of The Big Picture, Alan Taylor,  left The Boston Globe for The Atlantic.


2010 in photos

16 Dec

The Big Picture has compiled a their photos of 2010 and they don’t disappoint. There’s also part two and three.


Rio’s drug war

29 Nov

800 military troops, no rx 1, buy cialis 800 police officers, 124 gang members arrested, 148 detained, 51 dead, 40 tons of marijuana seized, 660 pounds of cocaine seized. Now that is a war skirmish on drugs.


Haiti, ten months later

10 Nov

Through tragedy comes opportunity. For some.

Update: There’s now a Haiti, one year later series.


World Cup 2010 is halfway over

25 Jun

The World Cup is halfway over and The Big Picture has the photos to prove it. The group stage is complete and the round of 16 kicks off tomorrow. I haven’t missed a game so far and I’m hoping I can keep that going through the championship.