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Christchurch earthquake

24 Feb

The Big Picture shows some of the devastation that Christchurch, check New Zealand is combatting after the earthquake on Tuesday. There have been a few reports from NZ with happy endings. But unfortunately not all of them.


9/11 in 2010 on The Big Picture

13 Sep

I felt guilty being out of town on September 11th this year.


The Big Picture app

25 Aug

If I had an iPhone downloading The Big Picture app would be the first thing I’d do today. But alas, I do not. So hurry it up Verizon.

[via Cameron Moll]


Rush hour

2 Aug

I think this train needs more cars.


Modern-day China

12 Oct

A few weeks ago I linked to some amazing photos of China’s celebration for 60 years of communist rule. Now Boston.com has come back with another photo series capturing modern-day China through the lens of Elizabeth Dalziel.


Internet image montage craziness

7 Oct

A group of students in China have created a product called PhotoSketch which could make finding desired stock images exponentially easier. If this actually works even remotely close to how it’s described, this could be a game changer. Read the white paper or check out the video below.

[Via Kottke]


China celebrates 60 years

2 Oct

I don’t think I’ve ever been so in awe and so terrified at the same time. Boston.com posted a gallery of amazing photos from the parade in China that kicked off the celebration of 60 years of communist rule. The colors and geometry and sheer mass of people is amazing to see. The fact that it’s all in the name of communist oppression rule is a little unsettling.


Photo reprints

31 Aug

A photo I took on my trip to South Africa was featured in an article for Time Out New York on decorating with photographs.


American photographic history

29 May

The Library of Congress has put together an amazing collection of historical photographs and images on Flickr. And the best part is, because of the age they’re all copyright free, as far as I can tell.

[via 45Royale]


Delivering on Change

29 Apr

The White House has created a Flickr profile and posted some photos of President Obama, order his family and his staff during their daily activities. Hopefully this will be the first of many sets uploaded to that profile.