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Sons and Fathers

11 Feb

All men are sons. But only some men are fathers. We do things because of our father; we do things for our sons.
Teddy Rist in The Philanthropist

The Reason For Time

7 Feb

The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once.
Albert Einstein

Keep your identity small

3 Dec

Paul Graham provides an elegant analysis of why religious and political discussions are so polarizing.

What’s different about religion is that people don’t feel they need to have any particular expertise to have opinions about it. All they need is strongly held beliefs, and anyone can have those. No thread about Javascript will grow as fast as one about religion, because people feel they have to be over some threshold of expertise to post comments about that. But on religion everyone’s an expert.

Then it struck me: this is the problem with politics too. Politics, like religion, is a topic where there’s no threshold of expertise for expressing an opinion. All you need is strong convictions.

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It gets better

15 Oct

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Powerful and timeless.

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Trust us.

13 Aug

Edenspiekermann, a design agency based in Germany and The Netherlands, has a great manifesto. It’s outlined in 7 simple points:

1. We work for your customers.
We may have to take their side at times

2. Challenge us.
Complacency is the enemy of great work.

3. We don’t give answers.
Unless we can explore your question.

4. We are not suppliers.
Partnership gets the best result.

5. Talk to us.
We thrive on feedback.

6. Trust us.
You hired us because we can do something you cannot do.

7. Pay us.
Our work adds to your bottom line, so invest in our future


That’s a whole lot a data

7 Jan

UC San Diego conducted a study about how much data we consume each day. The result: a lot. I believe it too, patient because this is about how my head feels at the end of a long day.

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Learn something new every day

9 Nov

This reminds me of I did not know that yesterday, ed but presented in funnier and a more succinct manner.

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Letters of Note

5 Nov

Giving the attention they deserve to some of the great, cialis unappreciated correspondences of yesteryear.


Floppy disk sketchbook

27 Oct

I love my Moleskine notebooks, patient and the Behance Dot Grid Book is pretty sweet too. But the construction of the Konigi 5.25″ floppy disk sketchbook is giving the other two a run for the money.


See ’em coming from a mile away

9 Sep

Demetri Martin once said, drugs

I think hair gel was invented to make it easier to identify a**holes from a distance.

I can say with a degree of certainty, that fedoras are the new hair gel.