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Steve Jobs doll

25 Jan

If you’re an Apple fanboy that has ever felt so enamored with your Macbook that you just want to curl up with Steve Jobs when you lay your head down at night, this is your chance. PodBrix is selling a Steve Jobs plush doll, complete with trademark glasses, jeans and black long sleeve shirt. They’re temporarily sold out but they’re sure to produce more soon.

[via Macworld]


Dutch paper engineer

19 Oct

I would love to have a cool title like Paper Engineer. But since that will never happen, I’ll settle for fawning over the work of Marshall Alexander, a true paper engineer. Marshall makes “one-piece papertoys” and even gives some away for free on his website as downloadable PDFs.

[Via Jon Hicks]


Pixelate your fridge

7 Apr

One of the coolest tools/toys I’ve seen since the bathtub crayons from Crayola.