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NBA Twitter playoffs

29 Apr

Information design powerhouse Stamen Design has a done a new Twitter visualization site for Nike that shows how well-Tweeted a particular playoff matchup is, remedy real time.

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Schedule future Tweets

25 Jan

Part of me feels like this kind of defeats the purpose of Tweets and Facebook messages. But if you’re so inclined, you can use Later Bro to schedule future Tweets and Facebook messages.

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Taking narcissism to a whole new level

16 Dec

We all know that Twitter, at it’s heart, is a mildly self-absorbed practice. The assumption that other people in this world really care about what you had for lunch requires at least some mildly-inflated sense of self. But this is ridiculous. Belgian interactive agency Boondoggle has developed a product called TweetNotebook where you can literally create a notebook of all your personal tweets.

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Twitter expanding account usage

15 Dec

In what could be a major enhancement for businesses that tweet, troche Twitter is now testing a feature that will let multiple users tweet to the same account.

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The tacky techie conundrum

11 Nov

Seth Godin explains the societal perils that come with the joys of new and emerging technologies.

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Tech support in 140 characters or less

7 Oct

Patrick Rhone from Machine Methods is offering free Macintosh tech support. If you have a Mac problem, and Patrick can fix it for you via Twitter then it’s free. If your problem is too complicated for that, you can make an appointment for which Patrick charges $25.00 per incident.

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22 Sep

It’s like Twitter, minus all of the self-absorbed, mindless, stream-of-conscious drivel. Microblogging with a soul.

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And the award for best new Twitter feed goes to…

25 Aug

@shitmydadsays! Absolutely hilarious. Everyone should be so fortunate as to have a man like this in their lives. I guess now we all can, purchase sort of.

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Why he doesn’t use Twitter

17 Aug

An interesting take on Twitter from a hardcore “abstwainer”  or “teetotaler“.



26 Jun

You know the web is a big deal when a single significant social occurrence can hinder and in some instances shut down some of the largest online entities of our time.