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Font Purchases

3 Oct

This is pretty effing cool. Real-time analytics of font purchases from MyFonts.com. (Lots and lots and lots of Museo)

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Fonts In Use

27 Jan

Hard to believe this site wasn’t made a long time ago. Such a good idea.

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Comic Sans Criminal

22 Dec

It’s like a little self-help program for those addicted to Comic Sans.

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6 Jul

A classic typeface recreated with hair. Creative, stomach but disgusting.


So you need a typeface

20 Apr

Flow charts are all the rage these days. But this one might actually be useful.

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Hindi type

10 Feb

To my uneducated eye, pharmacy Hindi letterforms appear to have an some rhythm and additional meaning…

… as compared to the roman letterforms.


What type are you?

11 Jan

Pentagram has put together a little survey to determine what type best embodies your personality.

I myself am apparently Baskerville Italic. I’ve got not quarrels with that.

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Typekit is here

10 Nov

sIFR was a great start. Cufon seems to be a big improvement. @font-face is a great idea. But Typekit looks to be the best solution right now. I haven’t gotten to play around with it yet but I’m really excited to get started.

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Floppy disk sketchbook

27 Oct

I love my Moleskine notebooks, patient and the Behance Dot Grid Book is pretty sweet too. But the construction of the Konigi 5.25″ floppy disk sketchbook is giving the other two a run for the money.


When is comic sans okay to use?

23 Oct


Don't use Comic Sans

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