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Know Your Limitations

17 Apr


First Kiss

11 Mar

I love the honesty in this video.

It was also produced by a pretty great client of mine.


Camp Winnipesaukee

18 Sep

It’s always fun to see things that were huge parts of your childhood — New Hampshire and Lake Winnipesaukee in this case — are brought into pop culture. Especially with amusing results.



28 Jul

A beautiful representation of Los Angeles as different parts of the city transform from day to night.


Lego Palace Cinema

25 Jan

It’s kind of amazing to see how Lego has evolved. From the company that made multi-colored blocks when I was a kid to one that makes these complex, architectural marvels that seem more fit for adults than children.

[via Gizmodo]


Bad Lip Reading: NFL

18 Jan

This bad lip reading series is pretty good all around. The NFL one though is so choice.

[via Kottke]


Supersonic Lego

15 Oct

The Red Bull Stratos jump was amazing. But this one has Lego.

[via @Wired]


80 Years

10 Aug

80 years ago today LEGO® was just a carpenter and a dream. Thank you Ole Kirk Kristiansen.


Ice Cube celebrates Eames

9 Dec

This is going green 1949-style, sale bitch. Believe that.“


I Am A Celtic

6 Dec

I am not Hollywood . I am not South Beach. I am Causeway Street… I am a Celtic.