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War on Drugs

29 Sep

Narrated by Jay Z and illustrated by Molly Crabapple, this history of the failure of the War on Drugs is as cutting politically as it is visually striking.


After All The Wars

21 Aug

I can't accept... after all the wars we've had in the world, we are still resolving our problems by killing each other.
Ekaterina Averchenko, Winter on Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom


18 Aug

This is likely all I’ll post about Ferguson, MO. There are much better writers covering all of the various issues that have converged on this one midwestern suburb. But I feel like no one has captured the whole of the situation as concisely as John Oliver has.


Ballad of the Frogmen

25 Jan

I’ve been around the world twice, talked to everybody once, Seen two white whales fuck, been to two pigmy picnics and met a man from marble head with a wooden cock, been to three world’s fairs, tow sheep shears, and a pig fuck, drank everything from Rum to Cum, seen a goat rope, two worms arm wrestle, and watched a monkey try to fuck a football, seen a six pearl petered pino form Diego Garcia and watched the water burn on the Persian Gulf, I’ve pushed more peter, more sweeter, more completer than any other peter pusher in town, cause I’m a lover, I’m a fighter, I’m an American Naval UDT/SEAL diver, that’s a rootin, tootin, lootin, shootin, parachutin, double cap cripping, scuba diving, Ka-bar carrying, Rolex wearing FROGMAN!!! Last of the bare-knuckle fighters!!! There’s no sky too high, no sea too deep, no muff too tuff, we dive at five and that’s no jive, that’s eat, fuck, suck, nibble, bite, chew, hog style, dog style, any kinda style, wine, dine, intertwine, ejaculate, masturbate, copulate, ream, steam and dry clean, And I can drive anything the Navy has to offer, them 2by’s, 4by’s, 6by’s, 8by’s, them big ass motherfuckers that bend in the middle and go shooo shooo when you step on the brakes, now lady if you don’t like my face you can fuck it, birds do it and fly from it, bee’s do it and die from it, dogs do it and stick to it, So here’s to it, and from it, and to it again, and if you don’t do it to it when you get to it, you won’t do it to it when you get to it again, So up the old red rooster, just like she use to whip it to her, smack her on the ass, send her on her way and never mind her skinny ass legs!!!!!!!!


18 Jul

Engagement can be a commitment to love or a declaration of war. One must enter every battle without hesitation, willing to fully engage the enemy until death do you part.
Amanda Clarke, Revenge

Lego Weapons

26 Nov

BrickArms covert Lego weapons pack

[via @richardtharp]


Success Is Not Enough

4 Jan

It’s not enough that I succeed. All others must fail.
Genghis Khan

Mission Accomplished

2 May

I have never killed a man, pills but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure

— Clarence Darrow


The Rebel

11 Feb

The rebel can never find peace. He knows what is good and, despite himself, does evil. The value which supports him is never given to him once and for all.
Albert Camus



Saddam’s blood Qur’an

22 Dec

Forget the trumped up WMD reports, if they wanted to rally the nation around invading Iraq all they needed to do was tell everyone about this.

Over the course of two painstaking years in the late 1990s, Saddam Hussein had sat regularly with a nurse and an Islamic calligrapher; the former drawing 27 litres of his blood and the latter using it as a macabre ink to transcribe a Qur’an.

[via Kottke]