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2011 in Lego

13 Dec

Lego Royal Wedding by Ally Hook

I wish more of the news was presented in Lego form.


Lego Victorians

30 Sep

Lego Victorian

These run-down victorian houses made entirely out of Lego pieces by Mike Doyle are equal parts whimsical and creepy.

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Fifty & Fifty

17 Feb

Dan Cassaro is collecting visual interpretations of each state’s motto, created by an all-star cast of designers and typographers for their respective states. Looking forward to see what they come up with for New Hampshire.

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More Lego Letterpress

6 Jan

Lego Letterpress Print

It’s not a completely original idea, but these Lego letterpress prints are definitely a step up in the actual design of the final prints.

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Let It Dough

20 Dec

From the man that showed us New York City in LEGO form, treatment Christoph Niemann has created a holiday extravaganza told through dough and sprinkles.

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It would have been cooler as a van

29 Oct

Brandon Ortwein has produced a series of illustrations of celebrity automobiles like Herbie the Love Bug, the General Lee, the Batmobile and the Delorean in van form. They’re available as prints, iPhone cases and laptop skins.

Maybe now people will start to realize just how awesome the A-Team van really was.

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Oil & water do not mix

29 Oct

U.K. designer and printmaker Anthony Burrill has teamed up with Happiness Brussels to launch Oil & Water Do Not Mix.

Limited edition of 200 posters, screen printed with oil from the Gulf of Mexico disaster.

That’s right. Printed with oil from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico spill. Amazing. I just hope the oil doesn’t deteriorate into some stank awful mess on your wall.

[via The Want Blog]


Calvin and Hobbes murals

29 Oct

The very talented S. Rivas donated her expertise to paint some gorgeous murals at the Reynolds Home, a Texas shelter for women and children in crisis. The murals are not only well done but for a worthy cause. I think I love them even more because I’ve always been a huge Calvin and Hobbes fan, and because they remind me of the Curious George and Calvin and Hobbes murals my Dad used to paint in the classrooms my Mother taught in.

[via Drawn]


License plate art

27 Oct

Aaron Foster talks with CNN about license plates, his art and America.

Aaron’s work can be found in one of Brooklyn’s finest, the Blue Ribbon General Store.


52 Bad Dudes

13 Aug

Adam Sidwell is illustrating historic baddies each week. Many of them are available for sale as prints.

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