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The Mind and the Heart

7 Oct

The mind can be convinced but the heart must be won.
Simon Sinek

[via @swissmiss]


Winning An Argument

29 Sep

Stamina is not a skill one should employ when trying to win an argument.
Kyle Tezak

American Equality

16 Sep

Andy Warhol

Mean Jerk Time

10 Jun

HBO’s Silicon Valley has far surpassed my expectations, and this “math” scene is one of the finest bits of television I’ve seen in quite a while.


Cable Company Fuckery

3 Jun

John Oliver outlines the net neutrality debate about as well as one can.



2 Jun

Industrialism is a race to the bottom.
Seth Godin


13 May

If you're good at something, never do it for free.
The Joker

Something You Love

4 Apr

Devote your life to something you love. Not like, but love.
Gene Siskel

China’s Ghost Cities

5 Mar

The U.S. housing bubble had nothing on the Chinese housing bubble.


Mimicry or Evolution

10 Sep

Gruber points out something that I’d never really given any thought to and probably occurs more often than we realize. That market laggards may not be imitating a market leader solely for the purpose of stealing market share and because of unoriginality. But instead because the market leader has recognized the way a product group may be evolving.

All these new PC laptops and desktops (and keyboards, and mice, and trackpads) look alike not because they’re all aping Apple’s designs, but simply because these are the natural ways for these things to have evolved, and maybe Apple sort of kind of arguably got there first in a few instances, that’s all. Apple didn’t invent aluminum or glass.

How often are second-tier companies criticized for blindlessly following the leader, when in reality they’re just trying to catch up to a changing market? Probably more often than we realize.