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21 Jun

A bomb is under the table and it explodes: surprise. The bomb is under the table but it does not explode: suspense.
Alfred Hitchcock

Victory Loves Preparation

5 Jun

Amat Victoria Curam (Victory Loves Preparation).
Inscribed on handgun in The Mechanic

What’s Under Your Mask?

22 Apr

Poster of masks from famous movies.

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The Evolution of the Batmobile

13 Jan

An illustrated look at the 50-year history of the Batmobile. Who knew there were so many variations?

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Inception button

28 Oct

Thanks to Under Armour, Inception sounds are back. So I don’t think this Inception button will get old anytime soon. BRAAAAAAAHM!


The Social Network

1 Oct

They’ve outdone themselves again. Taiwanese news animation house, Next Media Animation, put together a superb one-minute summary of the new Facebook movie.

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Inception architecture

20 Aug

I’m not sure it makes the movie any easier to comprehend, but this infographic by Rick Slusher does a great job of visualizing the film.


52 Bad Dudes

13 Aug

Adam Sidwell is illustrating historic baddies each week. Many of them are available for sale as prints.

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Counter inception

9 Aug

Yeah, purchase there were some holes in the story.

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100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time

13 Jul

The expletive per minute rate is outstanding.

There’s even a list of the movies included.

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