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TSA porno-scanner round-up

22 Nov

It seems like almost daily there are new reports of horrific TSA experiences resulting from the new porno-scanners and enhanced interrogation pat-down techniques. Here are a few of the most recent.

Young Boy Strip Searched By TSA:

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine:

“One agent watched as the other used his flat hand to go slowly down my chest. I tried to warn him that he would hit the bag and break the seal on my bag, but he ignored me. Sure enough, the seal was broken and urine started dribbling down my shirt and my leg and into my pants.”

The security officer finished the pat-down, tested the gloves for any trace of explosives and then, Sawyer said, “He told me I could go. They never apologized. They never offered to help. They acted like they hadn’t seen what happened. But I know they saw it because I had a wet mark.”

TSA chief John Pistole speaks on traveler outrage:

Pistole had pledged Sunday to review security procedures in the wake of a public outcry. But he also said the TSA must balance people’s demand for privacy with the need to protect passengers from those who would try to set off bombs on planes.

In other words, we’re not going to change anything. Here’s the interview with Pistole. Pistole may not have been a politician by trade, but he’s picked up the nuance of saying something while saying nothing very quickly.

Update: This should come as no surprise to anyone that’s traveled by commercial jet in the past few years.

Audit Faults TSA’s Training of Airport Screeners as Rushed, Poorly Supervised

The TSA’s screener-training program suffers from systemic problems, including a shortage of on-the-job training monitors, slow or malfunctioning computers, and managers who fail to give TSOs enough time to keep up to date on their their legally-required training.