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A Lego recap of USA v France

30 Jul

Sometimes Lego recaps of Olympic events are just as good, thumb if not better, than the actual event.

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17 Jul

Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it.
Steve Prefontaine

I Am A Celtic

6 Dec

I am not Hollywood . I am not South Beach. I am Causeway Street… I am a Celtic.



17 Jun

This is what happens when two tennis fans have a love for the Royal Tenenbaums and way too much time on their hands.

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NBA Finals Moments, Legoized

3 Jun

I’m a sucker for anything involving Lego. So I’m all over NBA Finals moments animated with Lego.

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Embracing Life

6 Apr

CNN’s first sports anchor, Nick Charles, speaks about his life, his work and the people he’s leaving behind.

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2010 NFL Season in Six Minutes

24 Mar

Clearly the best video you’ll watch today.


Fab Five

15 Mar

The Internet has been abuzz with glowing reviews of ESPN’s documentary on Michigan’s Fab Five, and rightfully so. They’ve been replaying the documentary on ESPN and ESPN2 since it aired on Sunday. It’s even on YouTube now, but there’s no guarantee on how long it’ll be up.

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Boston mourns

25 Feb

It’s a day after Kendrick Perkins and four other players were traded away from my Boston Celtics, and like others, I’m still reeling. It may make financial sense, and basketball sense. Both now and in the future. But today it just hurts. So I’ll let KG do the talking.

Tough day to play basketball. Very tough day to play basketball, to even concentrate. Just being bluntly honest. You feel like you lost a family member today. Tough day.

— Kevin Garnett on the trade of Kendrick Perkins


Chitwood & Hobbs

11 Feb

If there’s one new site you should start reading, or one new Twitter user to start following it’s Chitwood & Hobbs. It’s the perfect mix of well-designed site and carefully curated sports content. It’s newly launched and run by designer/Pats fan Ryan Sims and sports writer/Baltimore native Nick Hall so it’s got equal parts New England love and The Wire references. What more could anyone want in a website?

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