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Non-Top Gear

29 Aug

The lads of the British automotive show Top Gear have done it again. What could be more entertaining than test driving a trio of state-of-the-art sports cars? Why test driving a trio of absolutely rubbish 30-year-old beaters of course. From their 2007 series, nurse watching the gents put these jalopies through their paces never gets old.


Nickelodeon fails to fix a brand that wasn’t broken

5 Aug

I don’t understand why Nickelodeon felt the need to rebrand themselves. Especially why they would go in the direction of corporate smooth for their logo, instead of sticking with the fun and whimsical brand that has served them well for so long. It may be too late, but the kids don’t like the new brand either.


Go Mad Men Yourself

29 Jul

AMC has created a site that allows you to put yourself into the world of their award-winning television show Mad Men. There are tons of options, and when you’re done they allow you to download the final product in several different formats. The one downside is that some uses of this are strictly prohibited by Wired’s new rule “Cartoon profile pics went out with rickrolling.”

[Via TechCrunch]


Discovering the world

28 Jul

I make no apologies for my adoration of the Discovery Channel’s programming. And the new self-promotional ad they’re running is just another reminder why.


It’s about time

7 Jul

Finally, Hulu will be adding content from the biggest network that was missing from their line-up (next to HBO), ABC. Stating with Grey’s Anatomy, Hulu will gradually be adding more shows from ABC in the future.


Ford Fiesta Road Test

16 Jun

When I moved to my current apartment Time Warner Cable was nice enough to take two weeks to get out to my apartment and turn on my cable, thanks guys. The technician was nice enough to bestow upon me a new cable box. So I took the opportunity to review all of the available channels on Time Warner to expand my “favorites”. If they’re gonna rip me off anyway, I might as well get as much out of it as possible.

A few of my new favorites include the Planet Green TV (that Ed Begley is a trip) and BBC America. One of the best shows running on BBC America is Top Gear. These guys have amazing cars on the show and their reviews are both insightful and hilarious. Recently they’ve taken some flack from fans for how they’ve been reviewing cars. This is their response.