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Latin is dead, again

12 Oct

Now there’s an alternative to Lorem Ipsum, thanks to the Blind Text Generator. It provides several options for altering the length of text, as well as a few language and text content alternatives.

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Periodic table of typefaces

23 Sep

A collection of popular, order influential and notorious typefaces by Camdon Wilde organized into periodic table form.

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Web type demystified

28 Jul

Pascal Klein has put together an insightful and expansive presentation on all things relating to typography on the web.

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Taking typography to the streets

16 Jul

Type designer Cardon Webb has taken it upon himself to improve the multitude of fliers that are posted throughout New York City by replacing them with his own authentic designs.

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The death of Comic Sans, finally

23 Jun

My disdain for Comic Sans is no secret. And I’m certainly not alone. As I try to always do, I attempted to provide a solution by suggesting alternative hand-writing fonts. But now there’s a better option. I present to you, HVD Comic Serif.

It’s an OpenType font so it can be used on both Mac and Windows machines. It also has eastern, central and Western European language support. Best of all the type designer responsible for this sanity-saving masterpiece, Hannes von Döhren, is offering it up for free. You can download it at MyFonts or scoop it up with some more of Döhren’s cost-less offerings on his site.

So go forth, use HVD Comic Serif with reckless abandon, and systematically eliminate Comic Sans once and for all.

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Expanding HTML font display options

16 Jan

The typeface options available to web designers and developers have always been limited. Quickly designers learned to substitute text with images, utilizing a wider variety of typefaces that are available in programs like Fireworks, Photoshop and Illustrator.

More recently, the advent of Flash replacement or sIFR and the improvement of typeface support, designers and developers have more tools at their disposal.

Richard Rutter of  Clearleft has penned a great piece supported by some great research on the topic of font-weight CSS support in browsers.


Typography book round-up

16 Dec

Elements of Typographic Style

The Elements of Typographic Style

Robert Bringhurst

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The Typographic Desk Reference

Theodore Rosendorf

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Mai-Linh T. Troung, cialis Jürgen Siebert and Erik Spiekermann

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Word art

23 Oct

Provide a URL, click text, see RSS feed or del.icio.us user name and let Wordle do their magic and create a little text treat for you.


I need my space space

19 May

The second edition of the ‘Things that drive me up a wall’ series is something we’ve all encountered starting back in grade school.

Double Spaces after the end of a sentence. Is this really necessary? The answer is no. If you need two spaces to let the reader know that they’ve come to the end of a sentence, then why bother with the period and capitalization of the first letter of the next sentence. I find triple redundancy to be rather inefficient. (more…)


The rather difficult font game

14 Apr

Put your typography knowledge to the test.