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Lego Brooklyn

16 Aug


Using hundreds of thousands of Lego pieces, tadalafil a New York City man created a massive reproduction of several Brooklyn neighborhoods.

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The Lego Vault

5 Aug

All Lego sets. New. Unused. In the box.

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Lego London Olympic Stadium

1 Aug


This London Olympic Stadium may be the single most impressive Lego creation I’ve ever laid eyes on. So big. So much detail.


Lego Bridge

20 Jul

Lego Bridge

Railway bridge in Wuppertal, treatment Germany was painted to look like it was made out of colorful Lego bricks. Project was completed in 4 weeks by talented German street artist Martin Heuwold.

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17 Jul

Build virtual creations out of Lego bricks, recipe right in your browser. I love technology.

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Lego Key Holder

11 Jun

Lego Key Holder

We could all use more Lego in our lives. Here’s a simple and easy way to get some.

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Cost of Lego

25 Jan

As an adult occasionally I’ll come across a Lego set that makes me seriously consider purchasing it, but each time I haven’t been able to justify the cost of such a “toy” keeping in mind how expensive they’ve gotten. But apparently, they’ve actually been getting cheaper. Who knew?

Lego Price Chart


2011 in Lego

13 Dec

Lego Royal Wedding by Ally Hook

I wish more of the news was presented in Lego form.


Lego Victorians

30 Sep

Lego Victorian

These run-down victorian houses made entirely out of Lego pieces by Mike Doyle are equal parts whimsical and creepy.

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Lego VW Camper Van

18 Aug

Lego VW Camper

This Lego camper van is all kinds of awesome.

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