Green Dot Website

Design, UI, UX

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In 2015 Green Dot embarked on a redesign of their flagship website.

The UX team had the foresight to have previously started putting together a responsive, atomic design system, Flex Web, but it was as yet untested.

As the lead for the website design team in the marketing department, I worked closely with the UX team, the marketing creative team, and the product & development teams as we created a coordinated process planning and building new web products. The push & pull between the needs and goals of each team was a fun balance to strike because there was a great group of people working together.

It started with the initial incarnation of the Flex Web design system. We started putting it through it’s paces on real products with real content and quickly found it’s limits. We then worked with the UX team to refine and expand the design system. We then worked with the product team to scope out the full redesign of the site and it’s vast marketing copy for numerous products, help section, and a few new products as well. We focused on creating a repeatable process that could be repurposed for the other websites that would quickly follow the Green Dot site. The last step was working hand-in-hand with the development team to help cut down on QA time for the initial project in this new process.