Design, UI, UX

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I was a part of the team tasked with reinvisioning and relaunching the safer and more convenient MoneyPak.

Green Dot’s MoneyPak service was a wildly popular way of transferring money between friends & family that was voluntarily suspended in the wake of numerous instances of fraud and abuse.

The project started with workshopping new ways to increase friction for potential fraud and decrease friction for legitimate users. The Legal, Compliance, InfoSec, Marketing, and UX departments were all heavily engaged in the project.

We were able to utilize Green Dot’s Flex Web Design System to rapidly prototype the various user flows and conduct testing of a working product with actual users very early on in the process. This helped identify some unexpected pain points, and also validate reservations we had but hadn’t been able to quantify for other unconvinced stakeholders.

For a product like this, with an existing user base that had been without the product for an extended period of time, it was important for us to greatly improve the product to give ourselves a chance at a successful relaunch and that wouldn’t have happened without our extensive prototyping and testing.