Sooner or later, we all go through a crucible... Most believe there are two types of people who go in to a crucible; the ones who grow stronger from the experience and survive it, and the ones who die. But there is a third type. The ones who learn to love the fire and choose to stay in their crucible because its easier to embrace the pain when its all you know anymore.
Alderman Sebastian Blood, played by Kevin Alejandro, Arrow

Educated Citizens

No country can really develop unless its citizens are educated. Any nation that is progressive is led by people who have had the privilege of studying. I knew we could improve our lives even in jail. We could come out as different men, and we could come out with two degrees. Educating ourselves was a way to give ourselves the most powerful weapon for freedom. . . . The more informed you are, the less arrogant and aggressive you are.

Murder Your Darlings

If you here require a practical rule of me, I will present you with this: 'Whenever you feel an impulse to perpetrate a piece of exceptionally fine writing, obey it—whole-heartedly—and delete it before sending your manuscript to press. Murder your darlings.'
Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch