Clients make Fridays special

20 Nov 2009

Ahhhh clients. One of the greatest services they provide — aside from enabling me to make a living, of course — is that they help me really appreciate Fridays. Fridays signify the end of the week (the days when I have to deal with client requests) and the start of the weekend (when I do not have to deal with client requests). So this Friday I have a few little nuggets that explain quite well how clients help me appreciate the weekends.

One of the most amusing exchanges from Clients From Hell:

Client: Can you show me some shades of blue?
Me: (Opens up Photoshop, Pulls up the color picker)
Client: Nope! Can’t see the one I want.
Me: But… It contains ALL of the possible colors…
Client: No, no, no. The one I want is not there.

[via Swissmiss]