Google creep, Vol. II

4 Dec 2009

Yesterday marked a rather significant development in the continually expanding Google creep that has been sweeping across the Interwebs for years. So why should today be any different?

Today the tech behemoth unleashed, Google Dictionary. And while they take some heat for puting themselves into nearly every facet of our lives, this is a service I’ll probably use regularly.

I was a fan of, and became an even bigger fan when they were intelligent enough to hire the likes of Happy Cog to work on a masterful redesign. But then they brought in someone else for their next redesign, and added a bunch of crappy Flash banner ads that take an eternity to load and have been known to crash browsers. And I’m not a fan of the online dictionaries made by traditional publishers. They spent too much time making their site feel just like their books, and not enough time on making an easy-to-use website.

So, I guess Google Dictionary it is.

[via TechCrunch]