The greatest of all time

14 Sep 2009

In advance of his induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, ESPN collected clips of the 23 greatest moments in the career of Michael Jordan.

Jordan’s acceptance speech was worthy of being the 24th greatest moment because it was equal parts amusing, touching and humble. One thing that struck me as odd while I watched his speech, was that I don’t think I’ve ever seen him speak for this lengthy a duration, ever. For all of his time at the pinnacle of the game of basketball, Jordan was still, as I remember, a very soft-spoken and rather private individual.

Last but not least, in an interview with Charlie Rose, the CEO of Sprint, Dan Hesse, compared the iPhone to Michael Jordan. High praise from a competitor.

Rose: Is the Palm Pre making a dent into the iPhone market?

Hesse: Aaah… It’s doing well, but you can almost put the iPhone, to be fair, in a separate category. The Apple brand and that device have done so well, it’s almost not… it’s like comparing someone to Michael Jordan.

Update: J.A. Adande has written a piece for ESPN where he all but calls Jordan an arrogant jerk for the comments in his speech and veils it in a “just Jordan being Jordan” justification.

Update 2: Bryon Russell is with me. On Outside the Lines with Bob Ley, Russell said he was honored that Jordan was still think about him 10-15 years later and issued a challenge to Jordan.

Mike, if you want this, come get it, I’m out here in Calabasas (Calif.). You have the private jet, come on and fly out here. The second game can take place in Chicago. I’ll fly out there. Let’s make a nice, little challenge, have some fun with it and entertain once again.