Order To Your Seat


A proof-of-concept for letting fans order food & beverages to their seat

The Live Nation app has historically used an embedded webview version of a vendor’s standard order-placing flow. We undertook this exercise to see if it was reasonably possible, and worthwhile to develop a native version of this feature for the app.

Selecting your seat

We were still going to be using the existing vendor’s API so it didn’t make sense to totally start from scratch. Instead we decided to use the existing webview flow as a baseline and look for potential ways to enhance the user experience and simplify the process.

Menu and item detail

The biggest part of the project was recreating the entire ordering process within the existing Live Nation brand and app UI style. Wherever possible we tried to reuse design components and patterns to minimize future development time as well as make it more useable for existing app users.

Checkout process
Payment process