There’s nothing comical about this

19 Nov 2007

Comic Sans. Don’t use it. Ever. Under no circumstances. If it was the last font on earth I’d end the written word before I allowed Comic Sans to be used for one character.

Comic sans walks into a bar, the bartender says “We don’t serve your type.”

That should always be the response to comic sans.

What may have served a purpose at one point in time has been so grossly overused and perverted that it is now utterly useless. There are so many other “handwriting” fonts that are similar yet far superior to comic sans that it’s existence baffles me.

I’m not alone, others share my plight. Even the creator of Comic Sans, Vincent Connare, offers an apology on his site.

So help “put the sans in comic sans” by eliminating it from all typing and document creation you do. And if you must use a childish handwriting font, why don’t you give MVB Calliope, FF Providence Sans, Longhand, FF Market, or Felt Tip Roman a try. They’re all better alternatives.